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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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rain in the bay area, snow in the sierra. it's a 1-two combination that california needs if we're going to see an end to the drought. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're on storm watch again tonight with another blast from mother nature later on this evening. we can expect downpours for the morning commute. the rain is needed during a drought but officials cautioned it's still early in the season and the rain so far hasn 't had much of an impact on the state's rivers and reservoirs.
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with the state's drought there's always problems. look at this tree that came down on a car. the woman driver was not hurt. this was just one of several reports of downed trees. >> one lane was shut down as crews worked to clear backed up drains causing the traffic to back up too. and crews were trying to prepare for mud slides. ken pritchett is in the sierra. amber lee road along with the chp during tonight's commute. we begin with our chief meteorologist bill martin and the next round of rain. >> yeah and what's happening out there right now frank and julie and everybody else is we're getting pretty heavy thunderstorms just moving on shore. this is happening right now. this isn't futurecast this is
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live radar. you can see these thunderstorms moving north and south of fairfax. what is happening here, this is moving very slowly. about 17 minutes or so san rafael you should see heavy rain returning. these lightning strikes offshore are pretty significant and they're going to last throughout the evening hours. so here we are at 1:00 a.m., if you look this is a forecast model now. if you look to the north you see these areas getting ready to move on shore. about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you get the chance for a lightning strike in this area. this is very heavy lightning stuff. the morning commute is going to be wet. it's going to be a little different. san rafael you're getting hammered. that's 6:00 a.m. we're pushing through to 9:00 a.m. and you see a little bit of heavy activity here in concord. the morning commute tomorrow pretty messy. thunderstorms tonight, and i
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bet you will hear some tonight back to you. >> now to amber lee. she's live in berkeley after riding with chp for the afternoon commute. >> reporter: we're overlooking 880 here at the university overpass. the traffic has been moving steadily, the chp says drivers beware. >> what was the description of the vehicle. >> it's going to be a white sedan in the number two rain. >> reporter: with rain soaked roadways every potential hazard whether it be a disabled car. >> imagine what that would do to your car. >> reporter: or large debris can be the cause for an accident. chp says when the rain lets up, visibility also goes up, but so does the speed of drivers often causing minor accidents which can lead to major back ups. >> they lose control and they spin out on the road. a lot of times they end up facing the wrong way in a lane
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of traffic so we have to stop all the traffic. get them turned around and get them on the their way. >> reporter: one driver told us her morning commute was horrible. and doesn't want a repeat of the same tonight. >> i'm kind of dreading the drive home. i'm hoping it's not going to take two hours again. >> reporter: the highway patrol says when the rain tapers off so do the problems on the road. officers say they hope people are adjusting to driving in the rain and the chp says its ready for the next storm and the problems it's likely to bring along with it. >> reporter: amber lee in berkeley. amber, thank you. today's wet weather caused delays and cancellations at bay area airports. san francisco is baring the brunt of it. five flights out of oakland were cancelled and 65 there delayed. san jose airport said it had nine cancellations and 68 weather related delays. rain in the bay area usually means snow up in the sierra but tonight the snow is
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only falling at high elevations. above the 7,000-foot level. ken pritchett is at donor summit where snow today turned into rain tonight. it looks cold up there, ken. >> frank it is cold. we're at donner summit. where we have freezing rain. and having covered many sierra storms this isn't typically what we see up here, it was snowing heavy in the afternoon you could see the result behind me. then it turned to rain just about the time the sun went down. the only chain work we sue was chains coming off. chains were in effect for only half an hour. truck driver martin was caught in it. >> it's still coming down but they're keeping the roads pretty clear right now. >> reporter: snowplows were
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focused on donner summit. the heavy snow came down this afternoon. this is a high snow above 6,000 feet. several inches falling in a matter of hours. >> we haven't had much until now. >> so this is it. >> this is good, yeah. >> reporter: this family is taáeubging -- this family is taking a break on the drive home. the snow pack is 18% of normal for december 2nd. snow that turned into rain this evening. giving truck drivers a window of opportunity to steer clear of the sierra as more snow was expected overnight and into the morning. >> that's what i'm trying to do right now. to leave today and probably head back tomorrow, same way probably. >> reporter: well if you're planning on heading up to the sierra there are no chain
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controls in effect right now. but expect that to change. more snow is expected overnight and through tomorrow. >> well just what we need. we also need to get you a heavier jacket there. ken pritchett, live at donner summit there. squall sent us these pictures. skiers enjoyed a few inches of fresh snow. all of the tahoe area resorts are hoping these early storms build a solid base for the season ahead. and stay with the 10:00 news, bill is watching those thunderstorms for us and we will be back and he'll be back in 10 minutes. at 10:30, the impact on the drought we'll see where we stand after all this rain. at 10:45, the extended outlook. the next chance for rain later this week and when we will dry out for the weekend. new at 10:00, we're getting word that doctors at massachusetts general hospital in boston are evaluating a patient who may have the ebola virus. the unnamed person is being
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cared for in a especially prepared area inside the hospital. diagnostics are under way. coming up at 10:30, the two bay area hospitals that have just been certified to care for people with ebola. now to the south bay where students at san jose state held a quiet vigil tonight for michael brown jr. a few dozen students gathered to remember the 18-year-old man who was killed by a police officer in ferguson missouri. the students said they wanted to pay their respects to him and show support for the brown's family or for brown's family and the ferguson community. >> it gave everybody a chance the community in san jose state to discuss the verdict and the matters going on within the past few months. the event was organized bid the black student union. they stressed they wanted it to be peaceful not a rally or march simply a vigil. democrats in the state senate have unveiled a plan to
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create more funding for the uc system and block a controversial tuition increase for california students approved by uc regents last month. the new plan includes a 17% tuition hike for out of state students. it would also eliminate a middle class scholarship program that averaged about $900 a year. the democrats plan would also utilize more money in the general fund than governor brown has been willing to give. >> who's university? >> my university. >> reporter: uc berkeley students rallied against tuition hikes at wheeler hall today. in addition to expressing their discontent they marked an anniversary. this is the 50th year of a mass arrest. 814 people were arrested during a sit in at the administration building to protest a ban on political advocacy in 1954.
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san francisco police released surveillance video showing a beating of a man that was elderly and homeless. the beating was so severe he died from his injuries. david stevenson spoke to police and they say this is one of the most brutal beatings they have seen. >> this is a really awful attack. one of the worse i've ever seen. >> reporter: 67-year-old thai lam who used a crutch to get around was beaten to death by three young men. lam was attacked twice police say between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. >> this attack is extremely brutal in nature. the fact they left, came back and resumed the attack, i have to think it speaks volume to how bad it actually was. >> reporter: the coroner in the city financial district is line -- the corridor in the city
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financial district is filled with cameras. this video shows persons of interest smoking on the galleria steps before the first attack. they believe the suspects came into the area on munni or subway and may have participated in a mob earlier this day. >> we want to see if anyone sees the trio and knows them to hang out together or maybe saw them riding b.a.r.t. or nummi. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. we've had black friday, and cyber monday, now it's giving tuesday. why californians may not be as generous as the rest of the country. i'll lay out the rain totals this system is bringing
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us. >> books without gender boundaries. the two words a little girl asked a publisher to remove and the publishers response. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
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now to the trip of a lifetime for nine bay area athletes. in just a couple of days they will fly to australia. >> tonight the team was honored by city and county officials. paul chambers live at san
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leandro high where the young teens practice. >> i love it when we get to do positive stories like this tonight. and the students say they already feel like winners. these elite young men and women are some of the best track athletes the bay area has to offer. >> to represent oakland california is just like wonderful. >> i'm lucky to be one of the selective few to travel across the world to do something i love. >> reporter: that level of talent was recognized last year. >> it was like we won the lottery. it was the best thing i had ever heard. i knew she work hard for it. >> reporter: all that hard work was recognized. as the students received two honors, honoring the teams for a job well done. each member of the team is held to high standards. 100 black men of the area sponsors the young men and women. they must help in nutrition,
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nonviolence and help the team. something that means a lot to them because it gives them an opportunity to show oakland in a good light. >> we're known for the bad parts, but if you look inside we're pretty good. we have a lot of great people in our system. >> oakland gets a bat wrap but i know the kids we have are all good kids. >> this pose may look familiar that's because it's the famous pose of the olympics tommy smith which is the coach of the team. the team says they need a little help so they have a go fund me account. you can go to and click on links. >> what a great story. paul, thank you. to australia. we wish them good luck. >> they look so excited. the toys for tots program say in less than two weeks they
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were supposed to distribute toys to families in need but sometime last week thieves took two entire bins filled with more than 100 gifts from two separate donation sites one in aptos the other in santa cruz. the nonprofit isn't sure how the thieves made off with the toys but say they're now taking extra steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> we were and still remain a little stunned. really, really surprised. we've been doing this for 26 years here and that just doesn't happen. >> the nonprofit is hoping people will come forward with more donations and help them make up for the toys that were stolen. in livermore, police are warning parents and students about a game that high school seniors are playing. it's a game called assassin. and john sasaki explains how it works and also how in some cases that game can be dangerous. >> all schools are regarded as safe havens for students. livermore's grenada high school is no different and that includes students worried about being assassinated. >> we have made it abundantly clear to the students that it's
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not a school activity. it's not condoned at school. they cannot do it at the school. >> reporter: hundreds of grenada students are playing the game where they try to knock out their classmates. >> to get them out you either shoot them with a nerf gun or cross out their neck with a sharpie. >> reporter: each student paying $5 and the winner gets the pot. >> there's several ways to do it but the scariest is when someone waits outside of your house. >> reporter: that happened last year where police got involved. >> we did a felony car stop. we point our real guns at them and order them out of the car and we found it was just a game of assassin. >> reporter: police released this video involving a student last year who crashed into a
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house trying to escape her would be assassin. >> talk to your kids. don't let them play in this game. we don't want anybody to get hurt. >> i just treat it as a game. i don't take it too seriously. >> reporter: with their weapons of choice, a red marker and toy gun, livermore high school students are expected to start their game soon as well. in livermore, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. is reportedly looking at expansion plans that have been discussed for years and would take decades to complete. first a new b.a.r.t. transbay 2 that would connect the south of market area to alameda and could come in handy when the current tunnel comes down. another would send the line to the richmond district along 19th avenue. getting a lot of reports now up by rohnert park. it's showing up now as the system flies into the north
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bay. we will see showers at the bay. novato,petaluma. areas of bay area have already seen an inch to two inches of rain. within these cells they could see another half inch in the next 20 do 30 minutes or they could see an inch of rain as they go through the day tomorrow. rainfall accumulations really starting to step up around here. here we are at midnight. santa rosa, and the model has a tough time with this type of system because it's widely scattered kind of convictive cells thunderstorms. you get the idea. there's instability in the area. you can hear something down around fremont. then at 3:00 a.m. right, what's happening as well is roads are getting wet for the morning commute. the rain coming out of this will be significant. you will note it. you will hear it on your roofs tonight. at 6:00 a.m. there'll be scattered showers, maybe everyone a thundershower that will try to develop out of half-moon bay. but your roads will be wet.
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this morning was bad, but it was raining everywhere. tomorrow morning's commute i think there'll be wet roadways with breaks in it. the showers continue through noontime more scattered showers. thunderstorms in the forecast are -p -- forecast are happening right now. we'll time it through tomorrow and let you look at the futurecast which shows more rain into the five day forecast. we'll see you back here. >> we'll see you then, thank you bill. >> coming up here, a little girl with a big impact. it's the story of a 7-year-old. she took own a book publisher and gender stereo typing and she did it all at the same time. a sight to see on the golden gate bridge. how a mustang got stuck on the bridge's sidewalk. a secret santa toy drive. leep train g bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive.
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you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ a suspected drunk driver wound up in quite a jam on the golden gate bridge today. his blue mustang squeezed into the bike line on the west side of the bridge.
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the chp says the driver was headed south at about 5:15 this morning. the car plowed through a steel barrier and a gate before getting stuck on the sidewalk. a crane eventually removed the car. soto of san francisco was treated for minor injuries and then arrested. the bike lane is closed on weekdays. new at 10:00, this story is really something. a little girl is really taking a stand on gender stereo types. >> reporter: frank little camper james is changing the conversation about gender roleless. she was very disappointed when a publisher suggested that only boys like bugs and astronauts.
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>> these crickets can't see well but they are fareless. >> reporter: at the milpitas public library, a life lesson sat on the shelf. in the children's section there's an explosion of books about princesses, butterflies and unicorns. but all things sweet and pretty is not all parker dains is interested in. >> sometimes i like playing space camp. and my favorite part of the game is when aliens are failing. because i would panic like crazy. >> reporter: the 7-year-old likes science too. >> giant centipedes. >> reporter: when she found a
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book she picked it up. >> when i read it i almost dropped it. >> why? >> because it says books for boys. >> reporter: so she decided to write the author. >> when i read the cover it said book for boys and it made me very unhappy. >> reporter: she asked him to reconsider. >> you should change it to books for boys to books for boys and girls. which is really long. >> reporter: parker's letter caught the publishers attention. >> reporter: the company responded saying she brought up a very good point. >> we have decided to take your advice. >> reporter: and it would be changing the title of its next series which parker received a copy of. >> there's a red cover instead of a blue cover. i like the red cover. and look, tada. >> reporter: a change in the cover. >> it's good that they changed
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it. there's no such thing as a boy thing or girl thing. >> very well said miss parker. parker's parents are obviously very proud of their daughter. and parker says they hope that there'll be more changes like this. what a smart little girl. >> could she be more adorable. tell everyone who she was asking you. >> how silly she made me feel. >> yes, exactly. >> we were talking about science and she was naming all of the planets, talking to me about stratosphere, this and this. she loves space, really, really smart girl and now she has a lot more books that she feels comfortable reading. >> just to remind the publisher there are lady bugs. >> thank you. >> she was so cute. welcoming up, being prepared for ebola, the two bay area hospitals now in the list of four to treat ebola
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>> with all this rain, you may be having some troubles. we talk to a bay area expert about what you should look out for.
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we got a lot of rain today and at times you can see it was really coming down hard but don't put your umbrella away just yet because there is more on the way. that's just what we need because of the drought but is this going to make that much of a difference? >> in the big picture no but in this year's rainfall it makes a huge difference. you notice how warm it's been out there it's a warm storm. so rainfall accumulations have been pretty significant. these are just from the last 24 hours. we're not talking in the hills around santa cruz we're talking downtown san francisco almost an inch and a half of rain. over an inch and a half in redwood city. look at san jose coming up on
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an inch and a half. in urban centers that's a lot of rainfall. what does that do to percentage of rainfall? this is for this year. you're 125% of average in san jose. talk about coming up quick. 101 in san francisco, 98% in oakland. so the idea being we're getting a lot of rain. it's great but when you look at the big three year drought, we're going to need a lot more of these. two or three years in a row of above way above average rainfall for the entire year. but with that said, bring it on right. lots of snow, still to come. lots of rain still to come in the next 12 hours. i'll have details on all the rest of that see you back here. with heavy rain it's not unusual for homeowners to see leaks and flooding. today we contacted a number of repair businesses and they tell us they've been swamped with calls. we went along with a repair person and they tell us how to weather the storm. >> reporter: higher roofs like
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these are at more risk of flooding. >> flashing, where the water goes over the fireplaces and you get a little flooding. >> they don't think about it until it leaks. >> here's an example. >> paul barrazo is a certified home inspector. he showed us a typical house with typical problems. first drainage too close to the foundation. >> you get water coming into the house if the waterspout is not aoeu -- away from the house. >> if you have a base that's far below grade it could become a swimming pool. >> reporter: the sump pump releases to the street.
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it's about a 100 degrees improvement. >> you want to make sure there's no leaves in the gutters. the homeowner is slacking a little bit. >> reporter: but it's no joke, gutter leaks are one of the biggest problems. outside erode the soil from foundation causing major structural problems. right now is when we need to find and fix our leaks. in southern california the rains are creating a danger of mud slides in an area that burned in a wildfire last year. the rain brought a muddy mess downhill sides and caused evacuations in ventura county this morning. those hills burned during a wildfire so there's little vegetation to hold the soil in place. the evacuation order was lifted at 6:00 tonight as the threat
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of major mud slides eased. stay with ktvu for continuing cover both on air and online. a special election will be held in san jose this spring to fill a vacant council seat. the san jose city council voted to hold an election april 7, 2016 to replace him. they put off a discussion on whether to appoint someone to hold the job in the meantime. president obama has reportedly narrowed his choice for new secretary of defense. it appears former defense secretary could replace chuck hagel. carter has served as the pentagon's chief weapons buyer. he's a physicist and has not served in uniform. two other potential candidates withdrew their names. two bay area hospitals are now on a nationwide list of 35 medical centers that had been
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officially designated as ebola treatment facilities by the cdc. ktvu's allie rasmus toured one of those locations that made the list. >> actually our simulation patient. >> reporter: the next time there's a real patient diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. they could end up here at kaiser center. >> i think if the patient resided in california and their family was here and they were a kaiser patient we would be ready to take them. >> reporter: representatives from the cdc visited kaiser a week and a half ago. they went through a 28 age checklist and spent about eight hours watching a team of doctors, nurses and staff care for their simulation patient as though it were the real thing. hospitals who want to accept ebola patients must have things like negative pressure room. >> that means the air is not recirculating outside of this room. >> reporter: and a decontamination process that includes high tech i -- high
10:35 pm
tech equipment. >> what you're looking at is a high radar robot. >> being ready for the improbable but you're always thankful when you have that available. >> reporter: new numbers from the world health organization show that as many as 17,000 people have been stricken with the ebola virus mostly in west africa. at least 6,000 have died. >> as long as we have health care providers in the united states and in california who are going to help in west africa we need to be prepared. >> ucsf medical center is the other bay area hospital that is ebola certified. this is video they provided us of the two hospital rooms. there's two other hospitals also on the list, uc medical center and kaiser in sacramento. there's no southern california hospitals on the list yet. cdc representatives are visiting some of the facilities there this week. allie rasmus. city college in san francisco is in the middle of a
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civil lawsuit. two students filed a civil lawsuit. they claim police used excessive force on them during a campus demonstration back in march. 21-year-old pippinger and demetrius hill were arrested during a sit in. neither student was ever charged. hundreds of people huddled under umbrellas tonight to watch the eighth annual christmas tree lighting at the bank of america building in san francisco's financial district . a mystery uncovered today at a bay area business. we'll tell you about the discovery of a human skull. >> also more wet weather moving into the bay area right now. bill back at 10:45 with an
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updated forecast for the next round of rain. >> the search for an iraq war veteran missing in the bay area. his family's plea for help in finding him.
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alameda county coroner is investigating a disturbing discovery. a human skull. one officer described the box as looking like a time capsule. officials declined to talk with us tonight. uc berkeley police are asking for the public's help in identifying two people. video surveillance captured two suspects checking for unlocked
10:40 pm
doors and sprang a fire extinguisher on the floor. the suspects stole several items including two video cams and uc credentials. police are now asking anyone who identifies these people to contact university police. family and friends are asking for the public's help to find a veteran who has been missing. his car was found at the golden gate bridge. surveillance video shows him on the bridge but no sign that is he jumped. his family says he was happy and loved his family until he returned from two tours in iraq. >> never able to forgive himself i think. he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and it affected
10:41 pm
almost every part of his life. >> they say weber was having a tough time with a divorce and college midterms. they also said he was suffering from excruciating headaches. another accusation has surfaced against bill cosby and it comes from a woman who says she was 15 years old at the time. the suit was filed by judith huff. she is now 55 and says cosby sexually assaulted her back in 1954. he claims he took her to the playboy mansion -- she claims he took her to the playboy manage, sexually assaulted her and gave her beer. tacata was facing a midnight deadline to widen the recall beyond the current high humidity areas of the u.s. or face fines. the company blames exposure to moisture for the problem which can send shrapnel flying. at least four deaths and 30
10:42 pm
injuries are linked to that defect. a tocata executive is expected to testify before a house panel tomorrow. environmental groups have filed a petition to try to ban the transport of crude oil using railcars built before 2011. the u.s. department of transportation denied a similar demand last month. the state estimates by 2015 150 million-barrels of oil could be sent to california by rail. that is way up from a 6.3 million-barrels last year. two investigates first brought you the story last month about how concerns over safety are growing over the wake of an accident including this derailment that killed 17 people in quebec last year. you heard of black friday and cyber monday. but we'll have the man who helped launch giving tuesday. and he's from right here in the bay area. i'm getting reports from the north bay right now of heavy heavy rain, thunder and
10:43 pm
lightning. when i come back we will line it up for you and give you the time line for tomorrow morning's commute. >> the growing trend of egg freezing parties and why they're suddenly so popular.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
new at 10:00, an up and coming trend is catching on in the bay area and it's changing the way young people view motherhood. it's called egg freezing parties. >> it's not a sales pitch, it's really just educating people on what your options are. >> much more informal and the wine doesn't help with asking the questions. >> in october facebook and apple made headlines when they announced they were offering egg freezing as a benefit to try to attract more female employees. experts say the party is a
10:46 pm
great way to learn about the procedure and if it's right for you. today is giving tuesday, the third year of a movement to counter the consumerism of black friday and cyber monday and fill the philontropic side of the season. >> reporter: a lot of people may not know that a stan professor launched off this giving tuesday. and it's all to remind people with the season of philanthropy. >> i never actually donate a toy before so that felt good. >> reporter: they decided to drop donations into a toys for
10:47 pm
tots bin. >> when we found out we were like we might as well just drop some toys in there for them. give back a little bit. >> reporter: acts of giving are being promoted by today's hash tag giving tuesday. >> the idea behind it was really to create a social movement to see if we could actually push giving and philanthropy beyond the 2% that it has been for many years. >> reporter: ken meredith of center for philanthropy says a stanford professor and friend launched giving tuesday in 2012. through websites, social media and events people are asked to give back. one boys and girls club director says they raised $7,000. >> giving tuesday has been a lot of fun. we've gotten to really expose the organization to a broader population. people have donated to us by
10:48 pm
linked in and other websites. >> reporter: california is near the bottom based on median donations and percentage of donors in the population. suggesting there is room to grow when it comes to this season of giving. >> while the silican valley area is still recovering from the economy, there are other parts of california that have struggled. >> reporter: the idea of giving tuesday seems to be catching on from 4,000 partners in 2012 it's grown to 10,000 last year and this year it has grown to be a worldwide movement. >> the third year. all right, jana. thanks very much. u.s. stock markets moved higher today as investors found bargains in energy stocks. the nasdaq was up 28. energy stocks have sold off in recent days as the price of oil keeps falling. >> the san jose city council unanimously approved a pan to
10:49 pm
ban bicycle riding on some sidewalks. supporters say the ban is needed because of a near number of collisions between bikes and pedestrians. there are some exceptions for children under 12 and police officers. and in response to the heavy rain and thunderstorms in the north bay the national weather service has an urban and small stream flood advisory that will stay in effect through tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow. these are the areas marked in green. that pretty much covers all sonoma and marin county along the peninsula and south toward the santa cruz mountains. on the east bay you get out of it but we are expecting heavy rain. hints the urban and small stream flood advisory. here -- here's the rain coming down. this is going to spin through late tonight early tomorrow morning. we're seeing wave number one. reports i'm getting now in these areas are very, very
10:50 pm
heavy rainfall. significant rainfalling now out after richmond, san francisco now. out in the marina district. you're starting to see moderate to heavy rain. these lightning strikes very heavy rain. so it'll be left over on the roadways for tomorrow. we are looking for rainfall accumulations tomorrow and into the morning hours on thursday to be upwards of two inches in santa rosa. so in some places we got over an inch today, over one point -- 1.5-inch of rain. in the mountain they're getting snow. still past level or just above. we just talked to ken pritchett. it's been raining there on and off. down in truckee and martis valley they've been getting snow throughout part of the day. cold air trapped at a lower elevation allowing it to snow. snow levels will come down over the next couple of hours and in the next couple of days we'll get plenty of snow. it'll just take a little while for temperatures to cool. 6:00a.m. tomorrow morning, there it is. here's tomorrow afternoon.
10:51 pm
you see your day just flew by. just enough to fuel a thunderstorms. let's roll into thursday now. you see thursday morning right here. we're looking at more scattered showers for the most part. and then more mountain snow thursday afternoon. right. and still going now. we're just getting a little bit of break but a few scattered showers, mountain snow and friday we get into this, friday afternoon we get into a little more rain at least that's how it looks now. an unsettled weather pattern. by far the biggest hit was tomorrow morning and late tonight early tomorrow morning. your morning commute is going to be a little sketchy. this morning was a lot sketchy. tomorrow will be bad too. with the heavy rain we're getting reports of. down by san jose these storms linger on shore for the next 12 hours or so. >> getting a good soaking. >> good news. >> all right, bill, thank you.
10:52 pm
and if you're as good as the warriors you expect to win. that can be treacherous at times because often you kind of take the court, take things for granted and give teams like orlando, the great teams get the wake up call on time. it started the way it should have. golden state coasting in the third. and clay thompson aggressively for the flush and puts it down. you will see more of him. but the magic erases a five point deficit. actually goes down nine. thompson comes through, back to back threes. the first one brings them within three. and then he will tie it with another with 2:17 left. the warriors find themselves down two more. steph curry you know he wants it he's that type of player and he will win it with a three with 2.2 second left. a one point lead.
10:53 pm
they still have a chance to orlando's magic to win it. game on green, great defensive play. and time runs out on them. and the win streak for the warrior has now reached 10 straight and they are 15-2. rolling like never before. like the warriors the sharks save their best stuff for the final moments only they had much more time on the clock. plenty to spare like 11.2 second when they deliver their heartbreaker the flier to philly. down 1-0. mark edwards vlasic will rip it home. we have 1-1 and it stayed that way late. but look out here. logan cou to the best -- couture not on purpose but he is leveled. he left the ice and never returned after that hit. 1-1 under 10 second left. patrick marleau open ice. but he leaves the net open.
10:54 pm
matt nieto is johnny on the spot. back hands it home with 11.5 left. and the sharks avoid overtime and their first back to back win since get this october 26th and 28. two in a row for them. hasn 't picked up a competitive club in four months but tiger woods says he's again ready to swing. he will describe how age now plays a huge role in his game as he preps for his own tournament this week. sports part two next.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
doesn't matter until further notice whenever tiger talks people are still going to listen. better yet they want to see him play. they will at his own event. he has not swung a club competitively since august. he says now he is healthy but now feels his age. >> we all eventually start losing some of the things we're able to do when we were younger. and it's as an athlete, yeah you do notice these things. you know we all have to make adaptations as athletes and we have to make adjustments and i'm no different. >> he's all of 38. >> 38 and feeling old. >> wait until he's 56.
10:58 pm
>> father time. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us tonight. be careful out there on the road. >> good night everyone. >> feeling it.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
[ smoke detector chirps ] [ sniffles ] [ congested voice ] what are you doing? tch, shush! one of the smoke alarms is chirping. i'm trying to figure out which one it is so i can change the battery. well, if anybody can find it [inhales sharply] it's you. ugh. you s-sound horrible. why don't... why don't you go back to bed? 'cause i've got too much to do. i've got to make the ladyfingers for the bake sale, and i've got to go by the gym -- i left my phone there yesterday. i'll do all that. we're a team. when one of us is weak, we lean on the other. honey, you don't have to do that stuff. honey, with all you do for me, including going to the gym four times a week to keep me interested, i got this. don't you have houses to show today? [ sniffles ] they...canceled. ohh, pumpkin. are you kidding me?


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